About Coimbatore Public School

Coimbatore Public School is a senior secondary school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi vide Affiliation No: 1930287. It is a co-education school which is built on the new wave of global education that concentrates more on conceptual, creative, stress-free and real learning combined with values which is the need of the world. Discipline and value based education makes Coimbatore Public School distinct and unique.

We espouse, welcome, and encourage healthy relationships among students, faculty, parents and staff. Our school education is a life-changing experience, one that enables our students to do well for themselves and good for our world in a manner that authentically reflects the very best in each of them.

Coimbatore Public School continues to educate young people of diverse backgrounds in ways embedded with values and principles and attuned to best contemporary educational practice. Each day at Coimbatore Public School brings its own excitement but in ways that reflect and celebrate regard for simplicity, equity, community, fairness, and peace. Our faculty and staff clearly embody the values that we seek to teach.

Our aspiration is both noble and bold that each person in the Coimbatore Public School community respect and cherish what is unique and of infinite value in themselves and in others. While students and parents will find the sophisticated curricula and expert pedagogy characteristic of the finest independent schools, key to our success is the quality of relationships among members of the school family.

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